I've been working with charities and their supporters since the mid 1970s, both professionally and through trusteeships.

My work has taken me inside many of the third sector's key national organisations and to many in local areas across the UK.
On the way, I've gathered good contacts with funders, government and some international links. In 2002, I set up the
Good Foundations Consultancy to share what I've learnt – and since then I've learnt a lot more from my clients.

‘Good foundations’ expresses how I help voluntary organisations as a consultant - to achieve clear aims and good structures, and to learn from each other through good networks. The name is also a nice word-play that reflects my strong links with grant-making foundations. I’m plugged in to key support organisations and other consultancies, so I know where to find extra skills if needed. But I like handling things personally, and I always do a thorough job.

Nigel  Siederer


I can particularly help you with:
Trustee Training
Constitutions and Governance
Applying to Grant-Making Foundations
Running Grants Programmes
Assessing Applications
sense of data

Speaking and teaching